About me

Hello! My name is Aram Valkenburg (born 1986), a native of Texel and proud of the island where I live. Here I grew up and first became acquainted with music. From around the age of four, I started experimenting with the piano, later followed by training in music as an Artist in Sound Design and even a year at the Conservatory. However, music theory was not my passion; it lies in practice. By now, I can compose completely new pieces of music with the help of my piano playing.

At a later age, my interest in photography followed. Two cameras and a lot of equipment and experiments later, I can now say that I am quite at home in photography as well. Photographing brings me as much joy as making music. Especially the great diversity of both attracts me.

I find it important to always stay in conversation during work on projects, so that the delivered work exactly matches your vision. I am curious about your ideas and look forward to our collaboration!

Aram Valkenburg